France : MSL hosts a convivial encounter to meet new sisters

On March 9th 2014, Minhaj Sistres League (France) organized a meeting with a couple of sister; where most of them were visiting our team for the first time. The aim of this encounter was to get to know new sisters, and to discuss the following topic: “The importance of education in Islam”

First, each sister gave a quick présentation and told everyone in which field she was studying. It was incredible to hear to all of these sisters who are pursuing high studies (or had the intention to) or is working on high rank posts. The main fields which were mentioned were: Medical, Accounting, Import /Export, Engineering etc. Some of them work for organizations in which they have to take care of disabled people. Later on, the meeting went on discussing the subject mentioned above. Most of the sisters told that we should pay more attention to education, but at the same time we should not forget to be involved in Islamic education and Islamic knowledge.  In conclusion, it has to be mentioned that this meeting was very appreciated from all the sisters. They were happy to share their thoughts with everyone on the subject, and hoped that this type of sitting will happen again Insha’Allah. The attendees ended up with a convivial snack with delicious cakes, sodas, and pancake.

Reported by: Maheen Iqbal