Sisters Programme Rochdale 20th Nov

The ideal Muslim Women

Alhamdulliah, by the blessings of Almighty Allah (swt) and His most beloved Rasul(saw) the Minhaj-ul-Quran youth league of ‘Rochdale’ were able to organise an event held in the beautiful restaurant; Karims Orient Experience In Middleton.

Guests arrived from around the Northwest of UK and from Scotland.  In total there were 135 sisters.

The event was hosted by Sister Asiya Arshad.

The programme began with the recitation and English translation of the Holy Quran:   Surah Al Fatiha by sisters Farah and Ammarah (Rochdale).

  • Sister Saba Mustafa Khan (Oldham) gave an introduction to Minhaj-ul-Quran.
  • Sister  Saadia Khan (Manchester) presented a lecture about the relationships between men and women according to the Sharia (Islamic law).
  • Sister Asiya Arshad then delivered a lecture about the importance of Hijab- both internal and external.
  • Sister Kouser’s (Nelson) lecture focussed on the great women of Islam e.g. Hadhrat Fatimah (ra).
  • Sister Ambreen Shabir’s (Glasgow) Lecture looked at how modern day Muslims should invite people to Islam. She emphasised the importance of gaining knowledge and passing it onto others as well as acting upon it..
  • Sister Sakina ( Manchester) introduced  the Manchester Islamic Classical Science  Course (MICS) for brothers and sisters.

Nasheeds and Qasidas were recited throughout the event by:  sisters kashifa , Ammarah- Farah ,Areeg Saba Zahra, Iman, and Sidrah, including the recitation the famous Imam al Busiri ‘Qasida Burdah’ (Poem of the Scarf).

To finish off, there was a thank you note from the president of Minhaj ul Quran Rochdale, Mrs Nasreen Arshad. And last but not least it appropriately came to a close with a beautiful Salawaat on the Holy Prophet (saw) and a closing prayer.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the speakers for there lively and informative lectures and both the women and youth league for all their help and support, especially Sister Shabeena Arshad. May Allah accept all our efforts Insha’Allah, AMEEN.

Reported By Sister Asiya Arshad