MYL-S (Birmingham) provides food to the hungry

‘Feed the hungry’ is an initiative of Birmingham Muslim Youth League sisters (MYL-S). It takes place every year in the blessed month of Ramadan and aims to provide free food for the homeless and hungry.

The sisters took to the streets with home-made food and donations made by MYL-S members. The volunteers gathered together in Birmingham city centre and handed out food to those less fortunate than them whilst observing fasts themselves.

Throughout the day members of the public approached the MYL-S teams and congratulated them on the noble work. Some were greatly impressed which led them to donate money towards the cause. Most importantly the hungry and homeless people, who benefitted from the cause were hugely grateful and expressed great happiness once they were made aware of what MYL-S was doing. The response from the hungry and homeless was so great that absolutely no food was wasted or left behind.

In conclusion, the event was a great success and pleasing both the hungry and the volunteers who were extremely privileged to be part of such as an amazing experience. We plan to do the same next year at a greater level.