Annual Mawlid Conference under the aegis of Muslim Youth League Nelson, UK

During the blessed month of Rabi-ul-Awal, Sunday 16th March 2008 marked the arrival of the largest annual Mawlid Conference in Nelson, UK exclusively for sisters. Organised by the Muslim Youth League and promoted via Awaz 103.1 FM, many sisters attended from local towns and national cities alike including guests from Oldham, Dewsbury and Accrington.

Beautifully decorated, the hall was well set for collectively rejoicing the birth of our Beloved Prophet Salallahu’Alayhi wa sallim.

The gathering began with heart-warming recitation of the glorious Qur’an by Hafiza Bushra, followed by the well-known Qaseeda Burda Shareef performed by young sisters from the Minhaj Education Centre. Throughout the course of the gathering, many nasheeds were performed by sisters across the U.K. each with a unique style and refreshing verses captivating the audience into a state of ishq-e-Rasul SAW, clearly evident through the outbursts of slogans.

The numbers exceeded the expected outcome to the extent that two halls were full with sisters whose hearts were longing to celebrate the Mawlid of our Beloved Prophet Sallallaho aleyhi wa sallim. A screen was also projected in the second hall for attendees to visually participate in the gathering.

Clarifying the aqeedah of ahl-assunnah wa’l jamaah for the youth sisters, Sr Maryam delivered an enlightening lecture based on the spiritual presence of the Holy Prophet SAW. Sr Maryam clarified how the ayah in Surah Hujurat, “know that the Messenger SAW is among you” is relevant even today, because each and every single ayah was revealed for the entire Ummah of the Holy Prophet SAW. Further, it was established that as stated in Surah Azhab, “the Holy Prophet SAW is closer to the believers than their own selves”, he SAW is aware of the intentions and actions, zahir or batin, of every one of us. It was reminded that bearing in mind the Holy Prophet SAW and Allah SWT see and know what we are doing in our daily lives, we should attend gatherings of dhikr with the intention to change the state of our heart and purpose of life.

The second lecture of the conference was delivered in Urdu by the guest speaker Sr Maryam Qadri who pointed out the status of the Holy Prophet SAW based on the ayah “wa ma arsalna ka illa Rahmatalil alamin”. Sr Maryam Qadri shed light on the miracles performed by the Holy Prophet SAW, stating how we should be proud of being the blessed ummati of the one who is the Master of both worlds. It was advised to learn adab when addressing and talking about the Holy Prophet SAW as without this our ibadah is of no use. Sr Maryam stated the Hadith in which the Holy Prophet SAW said “you will be with whom you love on the day of judgement”, making it clear that we must strive to increase our ishq for the Holy Prophet SAW in order to gain his closeness in both lives. Additionally it is necessary to increase our knowledge of the mothers of the believers, and to live our lives as their servants.
The gathering concluded with Salaat-o-salam upon the Holy Prophet SAW by Jamiat-e-Fatima and an emotional dua made by Sr Sadia. Guests were gifted with flowers as a token of appreciation for their company and the Mawlid Dinner was served for all present. A stall was set up with DVD’s, CD’s and books of Huzoor Sayyedi Shaykh-ul-Islam available for everyone to purchase for further knowledge and understanding of our Deen.

We pray to Allah SWT that through the waseela of the Holy Prophet SAW, He blesses us with the tawfiq to develop a closer attachment with His Beloved Prophet SAW and live as true Muslimahs. Ameen.