A One Day Symposium Shariah Clarity Amongst Confusion

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Al Farghana Institute is a non-profit establishment which aims to revive the classical Islamic sciences and produce scholars of a calibre that can truly represent Islam in the 21st century. We endeavour to provide meaningful and relevant Islamic teachings to the Muslims in Britain. The Institute has also commenced work to establish links and open up dialogue with other faith communities as well as with academic institutions. The intention is to build relationships and to promote understanding between the various communities, helping generate an atmosphere of mutual respect, peace and harmony.

Why Farghana?
Farghana is reminiscent of the leading cities of the Silk Road, once famous for being the hub of the Islamic sciences. Ibn Sina (Avicenna), Imam Burhan al-Din Marghinani, Imam Qadi Khan, Imam Zarnuji and others were from there. Al Farghana Institute follows in the footsteps of these spiritual and intellectual luminaries to provide services for and contribute to human civilisation.