MYL UK National Youth Council (Sisters) Meeting

The MYL UK National Youth Council (Sisters) first quarterly meeting was chaired by the President of MYL UK (Sisters) Tanzeem Begum at Aston University. Delegates and representatives of MYL UK attended the meeting from Glasgow, Manchester, Bradford, Halifax, Sheffield, Birmingham, Oldham, Walsall and Rochdale. In total 41 sisters were present on the day.

President MYL UK (Sisters) welcomed everybody to the meeting and congratulated them for showing their commitment by attending the meeting. Following this, Tasmia Younas did Tilawat and then Tabassum recited a Naat.

President MYL UK (Sisters) Tanzeem Begum then gave a brief introduction to the meeting and the new MYL set up as instructed and guided by Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri given in the meeting on the 27th of July 2008 and then introduced her MYL UK (Sisters) executive.

The MYL UK (Sisters) executive consists of:

President: Tanzeem Begum (Birmingham)
General Secretary: Sweba Majid (Glasgow)
Information Secretary (HR): Jabeen Ali (Oldham)
Environment Secretary: Sakina Qadri (Manchester)
Public Relations: Ambreen Mehmood (Glasgow)
Research and Development: Somia Zaman (Manchester)
Finance Secretary: Mariam Khalid (Sheffield)

Additions to the MYL UK (Sisters) executive will be made, in the future, as and when required.

A talk was then delivered on the aims, objectives and importance of MYL by Sweba Majid (Glasgow). This was a great motivational talk that was very inspiring to all. Each executive member gave a briefing on what their role will consist of and what would be expected of people willing to work in these departments. Then the majority of the meeting was used to form teams for each executive member. After detailed discussions and deliberations the following teams were selected:

Team: Environmental Scanning

Environment Secretary: Sakina Qadri (Manchester)


Hafsa Khatun (Birmingham)
Tasmia Younis (Glasgow)
Tahiria Qadri(Manchester)
Saliha Mehmood (Bradford)

Team: Public Relations

Public Relations Secretary: Ambreen Mehmood (Glasgow)


Huma Majid (Glasgow)
Fatima Zahir (Sheffield)
Sundus Anwar (Birmingham)
Sumaiyah Mehmood (Bradford)

Team: Finance

Finance Secretary: Mariam Khalid (Sheffield)

Officer: Rukhsana Khan (Birmingham)

More to be included

Team: Human Resources

Information Secretary: Jabeen Ali (Oldham)


Publications: Asma Parveen (Birmingham)

Record Keeping: Zahra Hussain & Aleena Munir (Joint) (Walsall)

Training and development: Humaira Shabir (Glasgow)

Performance evaluation: Shabeena Arshad (Rochdale)

The research and development executive did not as yet have any officers but this would be reviewed by the executive after local MYL reports are received.

President MYL UK (Sisters) Tanzeem Begum then explained that previous local MYLs have now been dissolved and new local organisations will be set up. They will be headed by Local Coordinators. Initially local coordinators will be selected for areas where there is an MQI centre and all other surrounding towns will come under that coordinator. Subsequently that coordinator will be part of selecting local coordinators for each town. Local coordinators were suggested for each area. They will be finalised after further consultation.

Further to this other structural and functional matters were discussed with those present in order to assist in the creation of a durable organisational structure that would be practical for MYL UK. Matters pertaining to finance, project proposals and Al-Hidayah were discussed. The president took all these issues on board and explained how the structure is being developed and would take all these matters into consideration.

The action points for meeting:

For executive departmental officers: Each executive set their team a task which they must complete by the 23rd of August to be reviewed during the Dawra in Birmingham as the officers in each team were selected on a 3-month trial period.

For all others: Sisters that did not take any positions in the different departments were given the task of writing a report for their areas. From each area one sister was selected for this task as follows:

  1. Birmingham: Aliya Zafar
  2. Manchester: Saadia Khan
  3. Rochdale: Asiya Arshad
  4. Scotland (Glasgow & Dundee) : Habeeba Asghar
  5. Sheffield: Farah Shiraz
  6. Walsall: Amina Khan
  7. Bradford: Rehana Ilyas
  8. London: Safina Mohammad (Sister Tanzeem to email her)
  9. Halifax: Tahira Akhtar (already emailed a report)
  10. Oldham: Saba Mustafa (Tanzeem to email her)
  11. Nelson: Ruksana/Kauthar Akthar (Tanzeem to email her)

The report must include activities undertaken in the last 12 months, individuals who were involved, obstacles faced and lastly future project interests.

The executive: Will hold meetings throughout the free slots in Dawra reviewing the reports and selecting local MYL Coordinators, alongside selecting projects for local areas to work on based on the suggestions put forward in the reports. The main intention being to take a grass-roots approach to task-orientation within the MYL

The meeting lasted just over three hours. A date was set for the second quarterly MYL UK National Youth Council (Sisters) meeting as the 8th of November, location TBC.