Reviving Knowledge: Shaykh Hammad's Inspiring Message at Al-Nahda Workshop

Reviving Knowledge - Shaykh Hammad al-Qadri Inspiring Message at Al-Nahda Workshop

Shaykh Hammad Mustafa al-Madani al-Qadri highlights the importance of the revival of knowledge at al-Nahda Renaissance Workshop

President Minhaj-ul-Quran Women League International Dr. Ghazala Qadri, Dr Abdullah Raja, Safyah Akhtar Malik are the speakers to the Al-Nahda Workshop.

Distinguished guests, including Shaykh Ahmad Mustafa Al Arabi Al Qadri, Dr. Faisal Khan, and Dr. Hamza Ansari were also in attendance at the workshop.

Renowned scholar Shaykh Hammad Mustafa al-Madani al-Qadri captivated the audience during a workshop attended by authors of the summer edition of the magazine al-Nahda Renaissance. The event, held to discuss the magazine's significance, delved into the rich history of Islamic knowledge and its modern-day relevance.

Opening his talk, Shaykh al-Qadri invoked a popular hadīth of the Holy Prophet ﷺ: “The one Allah intends good for, He grants him insight and understanding of Dīn, and I am the distributor and Allah bestows it upon me.” He emphasized that al-Nahda Renaissance is a pivotal landmark for knowledge, acknowledging its potential to reinvigorate Muslim communities.

He lamented that the importance of such landmarks has diminished in today's Muslim societies, resulting in a lack of in-depth reading, studying, and research. He congratulated the dedicated team behind al-Nahda Renaissance by name for their remarkable design and production efforts, revealing that the idea for the magazine was conceived last November.

The magazine aims to showcase the profound depth of Islamic knowledge and its role in shaping modern and contemporary sciences. The term "al-nahda" (renaissance) encapsulates a gentle yet impactful transformation encompassing political, scientific, economic, historic, and artistic aspects, fostering a revival of contemporary issues within young Muslim minds.

Drawing inspiration from the historical al-Nahda movement, which emerged in the occupied imperial colonies prior to World War I and continued until the 1960s, Shaykh Hammad highlighted its role as a peaceful response to imperialist oppression. This movement saw a resurgence of arts, music, and intellectual sciences in the Arab world, serving as a soft inspiration for the magazine's mission.

Shaykh Hammad’s presentation contrasted the educational investments made by Arab and Muslim countries with those of the rest of the world. He revealed the startling fact that while most countries allocate up to 6% of their GDP to education, science, and innovation, the Muslim world has only averaged 1% since 1990, a reality that he described as glaring, shocking, and disappointing.

Recalling the Islamic golden age, where Baghdad stood as a beacon of philosophy, science, economics, politics, and with the illustrious Bayt al-Hikma library, Shaykh al-Qadri emphasised the visionary leadership that fueled this educational renaissance. He underscored how the West greatly benefited from the intellectual achievements of that era, lamenting the current destitution of knowledge and academia in many Muslim nations.

The scholar proposed a thought-provoking hypothesis: "Why not invest a portion of the vast resources of wealthy Muslim countries into education to inspire a new golden age?" He urged attendees to engage with the magazine, critically evaluate its contents, and provide valuable feedback to further contribute to the mission.

The workshop concluded with an engaging Q&A session, fostering thoughtful conversations and ideas among the attendees. Shaykh Hammad Mustafa al-Madani al-Qadri's passionate call to revive knowledge and foster a new era of enlightenment resonated deeply, leaving a lasting impression on all those present.

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