A Sister’s Journey to Islam

Ms Emelyn Bostero Ibea embraced Islam on September 17, 08 at Idara Minhaj-ul-Quran in Kwai Chung, Hong Kong, in the presence and guidance of Hafiz Muhammad Naseem Khan.

Ms Ibea., who has been now given an Islamic name Amina Ibea, was raised a Christian. She has been working in a company where there was some Muslim staff as well. Through continuous interactions with the Muslim members of the staff, she grasped a great deal of knowledge and understanding about Islam. Throughout these interactions, the role of Brother Irshad, a co-worker of sister Amina, has been prominent. He provided a lot of information on Islam and responded to questions of sister Amina on different issues of Islam. He also supplied some Islamic literature and helped her understand more about Islam.

After equipped with all the necessary knowledge and information, sister Amina was convinced that there is something in Islam which she is attracted to. She became sure that she wants to embrace Islam and conveyed the idea to Mr. Irshad. He brought her to Hafiz Muhammad Naseem Khan, chief Imam at Idara Minhaj-ul-Quran Hong Kong.

Hafiz Muhammad Naseem Khan was delighted and honored to perform the duty to bring the sister in the fold of Islam. First, he briefed her on the five pillars of Islam. He explained her about Namaz, Zakat, Roza and Hajj. Then, he requested the sister to ask any questions she has. She asked a range of questions about God (Allah) in Islam and prophet Isa (the Christ). Hafiz Muhammad Naseem Khan explained the concept of God in Islam and cleared all the misconceptions about prophet Isa

Next, she raised a few questions about Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h). Hafiz Muhammad Naseem Khan provided thorough answers to all her questions. After a meeting of two and half hours, she could wait no longer to become a Muslimiah – the honoured sister. Mr Naseem guided her to read the Shahada and brought her into Islam. He face lit up as she read the Shahada and embraced Islam.

Hafiz Muhammad,
Sec.Gen.MQI. Hong Kong