Minhaj Council for Conflict Resolution Norway Honored with “Oslo 2008 Award”

Oslo Local government gives an annual award “Oxlo Price” every year to a local organization of Oslo city in recognition of its efforts done for the welfare and well-being of the society. Local government of Oslo awarded such organization with an honorary certificate along with a cash prize of 50,000 NK for its encouragement to carry on his welfare activities for the betterment of society.

Being a sub organization of Minhaj-ul-Quran International Norway, Minhaj Council for Conflict Resolution is ever one Islamic and religious organization who is declared for Oslo award of 2008 in acknowledgement of his extra-ordinary welfare efforts.

According to the jury’s decision, Minhaj Council for Conflict Resolution is honored with this award for its following efforts:

  • Providing guidance and advice to everyone with respect to current issues and contributes with conflict management.
  • Focusing on preventive work with information/consciousness and offer help in order to solve established conflicts.
  • Presenting the true picture of Islam through emphasizing on the basic social values and principles of moralities outlined according to the teachings of Qur’an and Sunnah.
  • Promoting Peace, tolerance, inter-faith harmony and dialogue and mutual respect for individuals of all ethnicities.
  • Conducting reforming and moral workshops for young generations.
  • Playing a role as a bridge and establishing amiable association between different religions and civilizations.

For honoring Minhaj Council for Conflict Resolution with “Oxlo Award 2008”, a marvelous function was held at “City Council Hall”, presided by Mr. Fabian Stang (Mayor-Oslo) accompanied by a large number of people including renowned official personalities of Norwegian government. Mr. Fabian Stang said in his address that services done by MCCR is the need of hour and every one should impart his role in such welfare activities so that we could be able to make this world safe, sound and peaceful.

Addressing to the audience, Mr. Ijaz Warraich (President MCCR) said that we are thankful to the Norwegian government for recognizing our efforts and honoring us with this award. We are feeling an immense pleasure on this occasion and pledged that we will always remain consistent on continuing such efforts for the betterment of the society, he added. He expressed that all the executives and workers of Minhaj-ul-Quran International are gratitude to the Norwegian government for this encouragement.