Euro News (Video Report, English) : Prominent cleric launches fatwa on terrorism

17:57 CET, March 2nd, 2010

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"Prominent cleric launches fatwa on terrorism" on Euro News

A prominent Islamic scholar has issued a religious edict declaring that suicide bombers are unbelievers rather than martyrs.

Dr. Muhammad Tahir ul-Qadri’s is an advisor to the British government on ways of combatting the radicalisation of young Muslims.

He said at the launch of his fatwa:

“I will say total condemnation of every act of terrorism in every form, in every manifestation of radicalism and terrorism which is being committed, or which has been committed for the last one or two decades, wrongly in the name of Islam.”

There have been similar fatwas in the past but analysts say ul-Qadri’s goes further by denouncing extremists as unbelievers.

While it may hold no sway with hardliners, his influence is such that it may well dissuade younger more impressionable Muslims from acts of terror.

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