Radical Muslim : Concerns About The Quilliam Foundation and Ed Husain

MARCH 3, 2010

Thinking more about the Qadri Fatwa and The Quilliam foundation there are some concerns that need to be raised.

The Quilliam foundation is headed by Ed Husain, a former religous extremist. I’ve said previously that his book, The Islamist appears to be another Wafa Sultan type attempt to profit off the back of Islamophobia and the fear of ‘Islamism’. As Craig Murray also has said, Husain has realised that, having tried to make a mark in the world through religious fanaticism, that he can make more money and career progress by instead jumping on the anti-Islamist gravy train.

When Husain’s not travelling the world lecturing on the threat of ‘Islamist ideology’, he benefits from the fact that the UK government has had Ed Husain up in the Quilliam foundation and has thrown more than £1 million of taxpayers’ money at it.

It’s about time the public (including Muslims) begin questioning and criticising these self-proclaming fatwa writers and the barrage of advice they give to the police and security agencies on counter-extremism methods that only serve to further demonise and stereotype Muslims.

Source : http://radicalmuslim.blogsome.com/2010/03/03/concerns-about-the-quilliam-foundation-and-ed-husain/



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