Barcelona (Spain): Al-Tarbiyah 2020

Registration open for Al Tarbiah Treasure

MWL and MSL Spain is truly honored to receive the great blessing of hosting a three day European Al Tarbiyah Camp. Al Tarbiyah is a concept established by Minhaj Sisters in Europe.

A three day camp with Dr Ghazala Hassan Qadri will be held with the sole purpose of providing personal and organizational development and simultaneously training our executive members in the peaceful and professional vision of Minhaj-ul-Quran International. Our participants will experience Al Tarbiyah 2020 as a focal point of professional change in their missionary lives.

All sisters from across Europe will acquire authentic knowledge from Dr Ghazala Hasan Qadri. They will embrace the unique opportunity to develop their personalities, character and organizational behavior through lectures, workshops, meetings and spiritual gatherings.

Our aim is to maximise the potential and make participants aware of how to polish their abilities and skills and invest in deen as an active member of Minhaj ul Quran for the eventual benefit of society. Be a part of this life changing experience. Be a part of MWL and MSL’s Al Tarbiyah 2020 Treasure. Register now

Barcelona (Spain): Al-Tarbiyah 2020 - An Organizational Development Camp