Education is panacea of our ills: Shahid Latif Qadri

Knowledge is a panacea for conservatism and ignorance. It lays the foundation of peace and security and enables the nations to attain glory. Unfortunately the literacy rate is shamefully low in the country and there is an urgent need to wage Jihad against illiteracy and ignorance. Islam enjoins upon its believers to attain knowledge. The revelation upon the Holy Prophet (SAW) started with the command to ‘read’ and the Holy Prophet (SAW) imposed the condition of teaching the Muslims how to read and write for release of disbelieving prisoners at the occasion of Battle of Badr. This explains the importance Islam places on education.

These views were expressed by Shahid Latif Qadri, Managing Director of Minhaj Education Society while delivering his speech at the educational debates organized by Mustafvi Students Movement. He said that history of Islam is full of Muslims’ phenomenal contributions to the field of science and technology. The present-day advancement in these disciplines owes itself to the Muslims. Linking it to the Greek history and philosophy amounts to committal of gross dishonesty, which is regrettable. He asked the youths to focus on acquiring modern education. Highlighting the need of changing the educational system, Shahid Latif Qadri warned of what lay ahead for Pakistan in case of our inaction on this count. He also emphasized the need of projecting a knowledgeable leadership dedicated to promoting culture of education.