Shaykh-ul-Islam orders MQI workers to plant trees

Worship is a function of our inner self, and the rituals such as prayers, fasting, Zakat and Hajj aim at making man beneficial and productive for others. The excellent manners and morality emanate from the state of mind described as worship. Planting a tree with a view to bettering environment is also worship. It is a crime to cut a tree in the West, while those beheading people have been roaming around in the country. Even animals enjoy rights in the West, whereas people lack them in Pakistan.

Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri expressed these views while talking to senior students of Minhaj Univeristy Lahore through video conferencing from Canada the other day. He said that if each Pakistani planted a tree, 170 million trees so planted would solve the pollution problem. He instructed every worker of MQI to plant preferably a fruit-bearing tree or a shady tree at the least. He regretted that worship has been confined to the performance of rituals alone and our inner selves, our hearts, are devoid of that inner state which keeps us immersed in a feeling and passion called piety and worship. Consequently negative attitudes are on the increase in society. He said that devil attacks man from outside while ill-commanding self mounts attack from inside. The prayers of today’s Muslims are not result-oriented because human heart is plagued by ill-commanding self. He said that in order to strengthen soul, one should join the company of the pious in addition to spiritual struggle. He said that it is incumbent on every student to focus acquiring productive knowledge. He should also focus on purification of heart besides physical cleanliness.