Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri's message on World Peace Day

We live in a world of unprecedented challenges, posed mainly to global peace and security. After the efforts of generations, humanity has come to a point where peaceful coexistence, culture of dialogue between different religions and communities and processes of cohesion and integration among human societies has become a universally agreed principle. And we must have a firm commitment to continue to promote peaceful coexistence in this world. The efforts for global peace must continue and should not be distracted in order to ensure global peace and prosperity. While we observer World Peace Day today, it is our collective duty to work for promotion of peace in the world. My message to the younger generation is to ensure peace and love amongst yourselves, your neighbours and the society and to become torchbearers of peace and harmony at global level.

We need to understand that all religions of the world enjoin upon their followers to foster peace and renounce violence. It is wrong to bracket it with religion. Islam is a religion of love peace and knowledge and it is most unfortunate that some elements are committing the act of terrorism in the name of Islam. Such elements have no connection with Islam. Islam is a promoter of global peace.



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