Pakistan Awami Tehreek rejects price hike of POL products

Rejecting the recent price hike of the POL products, Pakistan Awami Tehreek has demanded of the government to withdraw the increase forthwith. It warned the government of initiating a countrywide protest campaign if PAT’s demand of restoring the previous prices of POL products is not accepted.

These views were expressed by Anwar Akhtar Advocate, Secretary General of Pakistan Awami Tehreek, during his speech to the Central Working Council of the party which held its emergency meeting here at the central secretariat in the wake of the government’s decision to increase the POL prices.

PAT’s Secretary General said that the poor were being exploited by a party which came into power in their name. He said that recurring price hikes have broken the back of the poor people who are already bearing the brunt of skyrocketing inflation. He further said that unemployment has increased in the country with graver implications for the law and order. He proposed that the ruling elite should have cut down its own expenses instead of burdening the poor people with new wave of dearness.

Anwar Akhtar Advocate said that the government must keep in mind the results of public agitations in Tunisia and Egypt before embarking upon such foolhardy steps. He also criticized the ongoing wrangling between the federal and Punjab governments, saying the conduct of political parties has exposed their tall claims about being democratic. He warned that if the political parties did not mend their ways and kept on perpetuating their rule through foul means, it would deal a severe blow to democracy in the country.



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