Public volcano can erupt, warns MQI

Dr Raheeq Ahmad Abbasi, Secretary General of Minhaj-ul-Quran International, has said that though Pakistan’s meteorological office assures the people of the Tsunami not entering the Pakistani land, yet the political Tsunamis created artificially would sweep through the power corridors of the country. The ruling elite, he said, remains unaffected by these but the common people of Pakistan i.e. masses who are 97% of the total population get severely affected by it. A mix of price hike, skyrocketing inflation, energy deficits, unemployment, rampant poverty and corruption has made it impossible for masses to make their both ends meet, he held.

Dr Abbasi expressed these views while talking to a delegation of the Working Council of MQI’s Punjab chapter in his office in Lahore today. Ahmad Nawaz Anjum, Bashir Khan Lodhi, Tauqeer Gillani and other provincial office holders were also present on the occasion.

He said that three years’ of the so-called democracy makes a perfect study in the protection and advancement of self-interests and dictatorship of those who have put on the garb of democrats. The so-called opposition, he added in the same context, has also been enjoying its share of power and it has now been reminded of the need to speak for people’s welfare. He warned that the widening gulf between the haves and the have-nots has the potential of creating such a menacing Tsunami, which would end up spreading anarchy in a country afflicted with various fights and unending spate of terrorism and extremism.

“The situation calls for putting the heads together with a view to finding lasting solutions to the raging problems before the public volcano explodes into violent reaction by those who have lost hope in the future,” Dr Abbasi warned.

He said that if the present system fails to address people’s problems, there are strong fears that the system would be wrapped up along with the ouster of the present dispensation. Dr Abbasi drew the attention of the government to the need of establishing the institution of District Disaster Management Authority after its establishment at the federal and provincial levels to help meet the emergencies in an institutional manner.



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