Islam confers full rights on women: MWL

If one traces the world history, one sees little role for woman in it. It dates back only to two or three centuries when she came to be accepted as a full legal personality having different kinds of political, legal, personal and social rights. Contrary to that, the role played by women in different walks in an Islamic era bears testimony to the freedom Islam allows women under certain terms and conditions.

These views were expressed by Mrs Sumaira Rafaqat, Nazima Women League, while addressing a seminar on “Exemplary role of a woman in Islamic history” organized by Minhaj University Lahore the other day. Sajida Sadiq, Sidra Karmat Ali, Khadija Fatima, Ayesha Shabbir and others were also present on the occasion.

She stated that our entire history is known for women’s wisdom, statesmanship and far-sightedness. They also faced hardships in the struggle for propagation of faith. Referring to the first martyrdom in the Islamic history, she said that Hazrat Sammiyya (RA) chose to embrace martyrdom and rejected oppression. Women’s role, she held, was manifest, be it the field of social service, Jihad in the way of Allah, governance matters, or education. Muslim women, in the same context, brought water for the injured and did their dressing without any discrimination. She said that women also played significant role in the narration and transmission of Hadith. “By playing their positive and constructive role in different fields, the Muslim women set a precedent worthy of emulation, which is a beacon of light for the Muslims of today,” she concluded.