Karachi violence: SC seeks TV channels material

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ISLAMABAD: The Director of Human Rights Cell of Supreme Court on Monday directed Directors News of eight television (TV) channels to submit by Tuesday all the available CDs/DVDs and other relevant material containing information over incidents of target killings in Karachi.

The directive was issued after Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry gave order on a human rights case forwarded by the Cell containing press clippings about an appeal made by Dr Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri, Chairman of Pakistan Awami Tahreek.

The Chief Justice in his short order wrote "CDs/DVDs from different channels be collected."

The Cell after the due process asked the Directors News of news channels including GEO TV to ensure compliance of the order and provide Cds/DVDs of programmes and footages along with transcript of the recent incidents of target killings in Karachi.

These materials would be submitted before the Chief Justice on Aug 24, the directive added.

In the meanwhile, Tariq Asad advocate moved an application over the Karachi unrest.

He said in Karachi target killing incidents continued for the last year but the quarters concerned failed to control the situation.

He said during the last year, according to the data a total of 1981 people were killed in the city, 122 during the month of January, 133 in February, 130 in March, 144 in May, 122 in June, 135 in July, 176 in August, 71 in September, 173 in October, 91 in November and 84 in December.

According to Human Rights Commission of Pakistan report about 177 women and 78 children were included in these figures, he added.

He said the target killings increased in the month of January this year and over 75 people were killed in reprisal attacks.

During the current spate of violence, dozens of political activists fell prey to unknown gunmen while the culprits managed to escape, he added.

Besides, all the parts of Karachi had been distributed among the criminal 'dadas' for collecting 'Bhatta' and the violence often erupted from their inner differences, he said.

He said that the Federation under clauses 2 and 7 of the Article 232 of the Constitution might be directed to advise the President to issue a proclamation of emergency in Karachi due to law and order situation and threats to the lives of citizens in the city.

Under Article 245 of the Constitution, the armed forces might be called by the Federal Government in aid of civil power to control the law and order situation, he prayed.

He further contended that such violence was causing the denial of the right of life and liberty which was also tantamount to practically derogation of the rights guaranteed to Karachi residents under Article 9 and 14 of the Constitution. (APP)

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