PAT opposes increase in power tariff

The recent per unit hike in power tariff by Rs. 4 will further compound people’s economic stress and unleash a wave of dearness in the country. The increase in cost per unit is all the more deplorable in view of the fact that the country has been suffering from the worst outages in history. The situation calls for drastic actions on the part of those in power to stem the tide of inflation and power hike.

G.M. Malik, Spokesman of Pakistan Awami Tehreek, expressed these views while reacting to the latest decision of NEPRA to increase the per unit cost of power. He said that for a government which came into power in the name of people, such decisions belied its claims of being the representatives of the masses. He said that the poor were already bearing the brunt of skyrocketing dearness and these periodic increases in power tariffs would make their lives hell. He said that economy suffered hugely as a result of power crisis, which in turn gave birth to unemployment at a mass scale.

PAT Spokesman asked the parliament and political parties to play its role in seeking a reversal of the decision by taking care of public interest. Drawing attention to the situation in Balochistan, he said that the province was in need of serious efforts to defuse the situation there. He said that the real grievances of the people needed to be redressed and immediate actions taken to bring them into national mainstream.



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