The International News: Tahirul Qadri did what opposition leaders fail to do

Tahirul Qadri did what opposition leaders fail to do

Saeed Ahmed and Khalid Iqbal

Saturday, January 19, 2013

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People from different walks of life congratulated chief of Tehrik Minhajul Quran (TMQ) Dr. Tahirul Qadri, and his determined and committed supporters.

They termed the long march and sit-in a grand success. Dr. Tahirul Qadri proved that demands could be met even through peaceful way instead of adopting the path of violence. By holding historical long march and making sit-ins, Tahirul Qadri along with his lovers achieved what opposition leaders failed to do. In this context, the people specifically mentioned the name of Imran Khan, chief of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf.

Shahid Mahmood, resident of Lalazar, said that even Imran Khan a year ago while protesting took out a long march against the government. However, Imran Khan did not achieve his task because he didn’t look determined and committed as after making speeches the protesters disbursed. However, Dr Tahir Qadri stuck to his mission and did not move an inch from the site of the long march until the leaders of the federal government and its allies approached him for talks and accept his agenda. It is quiet a big achievement, he stated.

Risalat Abbasi, a government servant, lauding the long march and sit-in by tens of thousands said that the participants did not deter to any threat of terrorism, rainy and chilly weather and other odds like lack of facilities.

Referring to the emotional words used by Dr. Tahir Qadri, Advocate Arshad Mahmood, said that it happens when one gets infuriated after being fed up of the wrong policies and bad governance. Qadri raised his voice for the rights of people, fought for it till the last minute and in the end achieved the task, which he pledged on number of occasions.

A housewife, Khalida Waseem of New Harley Street, told this scribe that sitting for more than four days is not easy job and that too by large number of women and children, braving chilly and cold weather and feeling the threat of terrorist act.

The participants along with their leader did not care for their lives and remained on the venue of Jinnah Avenue for four long days. They were there only for saving the country and its people from looters, plunderers, robbers and thieves who have destabilised everything by leaving nothing even in institutions of PIA, Railways, Power Units. Factories and Industries are closed due to excessive loadshedding of power and gas. People are deprived of ‘roti’, ‘kapra’ and ‘makan’ because of present corruption, she observed.

The community of traders, shopkeepers and intellectuals also paid tributes to Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri for coming out on roads along with thousands of his supporters to bring revolution in the country. Leaders like Imran Khan and Sheikh Rashid just stress upon the people to take to streets for achieving their rights. Whenever, people staged protest demonstrations against power and gas loadshedding, none of these leaders joined them to express solidarity instead of remained busy in giving interviews to print and electronic media for achieving their vested interest, the traders of Syedpur Road stated. However, Dr Qadri despite receiving threats to his life, act boldly and proved as a rock for the government and its allies, said Arshad Abbasi, a trader in the Commercial Market.

However, those opposed the ‘long march’ termed it a deal between the government and Dr Qadri without achieving any objective. The sit-in tensed the situation and paralysed life of common man, especially for those living in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, they said.

Muhammad Imtiaz Abbasi, a local, said that the government cleverly handled the situation to make Dr Qadri part of the present set-up. “What Qadri achieved for poor public who faced all odds in the federal capital for four and a half days,” he asked.

Muhammad Nouman, a student, said that tens of thousands of people participated in the sit-in for a change but what kind of change Dr Qadri has brought for them.

Shakila Fatima, a banker, said that majority of poor was expecting relief through Qadri’s revolution. They were sure that all their basic needs including ‘atta’, petrol, gas, electricity etc. would be available easily and at cheaper rates but they got nothing except deal between the government and Qadri, she said.

Niaz Ahmed, a lawyer, said that several women and children in the sit-in faced severe cold and even hospitalised. They faced odds for a change in the country through their beloved leader ‘Qadri’. They were expecting that Dr Qadri would not shake hand with looters of the country who deprived the people even from all basic needs.

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