Tahirul Qadri’s ‘democracy march’ begins

Pakistan Today
Monday, 14 Jan 2013 3:31 am

LAHORE - The long march, described by Dr Tahirul Qadri as the ‘democracy march’, began from Lahore on Sunday. “It is a march for democracy, it is a march against looters and plunderers ruling in Islamabad and Lahore, it is a march against the evil forces, it is a march against those exploiting poor people, it is a march against the oppressors, the corrupts and the persecutors of the weak and poor, who would Insha Allah be wiped out forever,” said Dr Qadri prior to departing for the march. He said the protest would continue until the removal of “Yazeedi forces” even if it takes 100 days. Dr Qadri said that the march was aimed at establishing genuine democracy and rule of law. In his diatribe, Dr Qadri accused the Punjab government of harassing TMQ workers and impounding vehicles rented for the march. He said that his security vehicles were also snatched by the provincial government and all the cities were blocked. “It is a march to topple Yazeedi empire, I declare the march as a democracy march, it is a march for the people sobbing in Quetta with over hundred bodies,” Qadri said. He demanded that the federal government dissolve the Balochistan government, adding that he wanted to listen the news of dissolution before reaching Islamabad for its failure to protect lives of people. He asked the defenders of the country to take serious notice of the incidents of terrorism in the country. A special bomb proof truck was prepared to transport the TMQ chief which was equipped with all basic facilities. Prior to this the TMQ leader said the government in an effort to stop the march had placed tankers filed with acid in the federal capital and had dug ditches filled with explosives. He also claimed that the government had seized their vehicles and arrested workers. The TMQ chief said that the administration had impounded a large number of vehicles rented by his party for the marchers. He said 25,000 buses were hired for the participants, 20 for the media, and 10 for his own security, but they all have been impounded. He vowed to reach Islamabad at any cost and bring a revolution for changing the destiny of the country and rule of law and constitution. He was confident that world’s historic march would return after the achievement of its objective. Earlier a large number of people, including women, gathered at TMQ Markaz in Lahore as they prepared for long-march on Islamabad. He demanded dissolution of Balochistan Assembly over it’s failure to live up to it’s responsibilities of protecting rights of the masses.

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