All renowned guests arrive for Mawlid Conference

On the morning before the Annual International Mawlid Conference at Minar-e-Pakistan, Lahore, the remaining renowned scholars from abroad have arrived. 

Shaykh as-Sayyed Mahmood Abul-Huda al-Husayni from Halab, Syria arrived at Allama Iqbal International Airport today.  He was received by a high level delegation of Minhaj-ul-Quran International (MQI) lead by D.H.Mash’hadi Director Directorate of Foreign Affairs.  Shaykh Ahmad Babikr as-Sudani has arrived from UK this morning.  He was also received by a high level MQI delegation.

These two renowned guests will be joining the other renowned guests from abroad.  Alongside the three most respected guests from Madina-tul-Munawwerah, the other special guests at the Annual International Mawlid Conference from abroad include Shaykh Assad Muhammad Saeed as-Sagharji (Syria), Shaykh as-Sayyed Mahmood Abul-Huda al-Husayni (Halab, Syria), Shaykh Ahmad Babikr as-Sudani (Sudan) and Shaykh Dr. Shahab-ud-Din Fulfur (Syria), who have all arrived.

One of those unique features of the 22nd Annual International Mawlid Conference is that it will be shown live on ARY Digital all over the world. There will be a continuous live transmission of the conference on the channel.

The live transmission will be on Monday 10th April 2006 at:
Midnight (Pakistan Time)
8.00 PM (UK Time)

ARY Digital has a very large viewership all over the world. ARY Digital is seen in 120 countries, with its main viewership in Europe, Middle East and Asia. The channel is available free to millions of cable viewers in South Asia.

Lectures of the special guests and world renowned scholars coming from all over the world will be the main feature of the live transmission.

The lecture of Shaykh-ul-Islam Prof. Dr. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri will arguably have the largest audience of any Mawlid lecture on the night of Mawlid on the planet, due to the live transmission. His lecture will be the climax of the live transmission on ARY digital.

World renowned nasheed singers will sing praise to the holy Prophet Muhammad SAW throughout the program, live on ARY Digital. There will also be lectures on topics related to Mawlid in English, Urdu and Arabic.

Like every year the Annual International Mawlid Conference will be viewed in every country of the world with it being shown live on the internet:

Report By Jawed Iqbal Tahiri


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