Pakistan Awami Tehreek secretary-general, Anwar Akhtar Advocate, condemned the reprinting of denigrating caricatures by 17 Danish newspapers. He strongly condemned this act of the papers. He said no religion of the world sanctions the humiliation of the world spiritual leaders of other religions. This misdeed has deeply hurt the feelings of the Muslims around he world. By this offensive act the papers have tried to provoke the Muslim community. He drew the attention of the international community towards the fact that such steps are a cause of destroying peace among world religions. He warned the Muslims that it was a planned conspiracy aimed at provoking an angry reaction from the Muslims. Then the response of the Muslims - peaceful followers of Islam - will be treated as excuse for dubbing them as terrorists. Because of insensitivity on the part of the Muslim rulers and their slavery to foreign powers, dark forces have gone to the extent of committing blasphemy against our Beloved Prophet. Had the Muslim nations been united today, they would have not seen this black day. The portrayals satirizing the Holy Prophet (saw) are an extremist and criminal act. He called on the UNO and the OIC to play their vital role for banning denigrating caricatures by formulating law: no prophet and holy persons should ever be insulted. He stressed that it was high time all the nations of the world agreed on not letting such a heinous and despicable act happen in future. The secretary-general of PAT called on the Government of Pakistan to lodge its official protest with Denmark apprising them of the feelings of the Muslim community and Pakistanis.



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