Minhaj Maternity Hospital

Minhaj Welfare foundation Pakpattan is helping the needy people since last 20 years in the field of education, health and poverty.

Now in Pakpattan Sharif Minhaj Welfare foundation introducing a Mega project of 7 stories Minhaj Zacha Bacha Hospital. Completion of this hospital approximately 80 % completed. In the first phase 3 stories will be constructed and then in second phase other remaining 4 stories will be completed. The first phase of 3 stories project estimated amounting Rs. 13 million. The amount of Rs. 7 million has been invested.


All type of donations is accepted in the shape of cash, cheque or in the shape of material or medicines.

For donation:

Account No. 22782-4 UBL Ghallah Mandi Pakpattan Sharif.


Karkhana Road Pakpattan Sharif
0457-352221, 0300-694221