Welcome accorded to Mufti Irshad Hussain Saeedi

Mufti Irshad Hussain Saeedi, renowned scholar of Pakistan and Imam at Markaz Minhaj ul Quran Pakistan, reached Denmark to serve as Head Imam and Director. He was given a red carpet welcome upon his arrival at Copenhagen airport on the 2nd of November 2016. The reception delegation included Hafiz Sajad , President MQI Denmark and Secretary General MQI Denmark, Qaisar Najeeb. The reception was also attended by former Secretary General MEC and Vice President MQI Denmark, Bilal Uppal and Zone 1 MEC Secretary General , Ali Imran.

Flowers and welcome blessings were presented to the Mufti Irshad Hussain Saeedi by Infomation Secretary MQI Denmark Sajad Sahi and Library Coordinator MQI Denmark Raja Afzal. Other personalities such as Public Relations Secretary Arsalan Javed and Muslim Youth League Vice President Reza Danial, Habib Malik and Muhammad Yasin were also present on the occasion.