Call for condemning and removing the blasphemous page on social network website

The extremist malicious elements have most condemnably launched a page on the social network website for the world’s most sacrilegious event to draw sketches of our beloved Messenger Muhammad (blessings and peace be upon him). Their heinous designs intend to provoke the sentiments of billions of Muslims over the globe and force the world peace into the firestorm of outrageous protests and destructive demonstrations. Their sole objective is to injure the hearts of Muslims all over the world, and mire the international peace struggle steered by the peace loving Muslim communities into volcanic eruption of provocative protests.

The Minhaj-ul-Quran International most strongly condemns this spiteful conspiracy against the Muslims of the world and the peace process, and urges all the forces supporting the cause of peace, harmony, international brotherhood, co-existence and human rights to come forward and stop the atrocious extremists from playing a havoc with the Muslims of the world and humankind at large. They should get the most appallingly evil page removed from the social network website.

MQI urges on all peace loving countries and internet service providers to block the website immediately to control the desperate situation throughout the world, if the social network website fails to remove the blasphemous page from their network. The Minhaj-ul-Quran International also appeals all the Muslims of the world to understand the conspiracy and remain peaceful while protesting against the profane event of drawing unholy sketches and defeat the evil forces by safeguarding the global inter-faith harmony and the process of inter-communal integration among the world communities which the extremist element behind the scandalous event want to sabotage..We firmly believe that the TRUTH will prevail and the extremists and the evil enemies of the Muslims of the world and peaceful humankind will be disgracefully defeated in their sinful act of denigration and blasphemy.

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