Stick-wielding force established to protect Sharif Kingdom: Dr Hassan Mohi-ud-Din Qadri

Senior PAT leader Dr Hassan Mohi-ud-Din Qadri has said that stick-wielding force has been established to protect the Sharif kingdom. He said that the act proves that the PML-N is not a democratic party. He said that the Rangers are not being allowed to conduct operations in Punjab due to the fear of weapons being caught from the workers and office holders of the ruling party. He said that there is no difference with any political party including PTI, adding that there is a complete agreement on the demands of Qisas and justice in the Panama leaks case. He said that the second round of the Qisas movement will be announced at an appropriate time. He said that the PAT workers await just one call of their beloved leader for preparation. He said had there been justice system in the country, we would not have had to organize protests in 200 cities and resort to international institutions for justice. He asked the opposition parties to get together on the single point agenda of getting rid of the economic terrorists and killers of humanity.

Dr Hassan stated this while talking to office bearers of youth, students, women, labour and lawyers’ wings of PAT yesterday. He asked the institutions responsible for administration of justice and maintenance of law and order to take note of this militancy and extremism being displayed by the PML-N. He said that terrorism cases were registered against political opponents during the government of the Sharif brothers; thousands of people were illegally picked up and put behind the bar and they were deprived of their political, democratic and constitutional rights. He said that the PML-N is not a democratic party but the one which believes in the use of force to browbeat its political opponents. He said that the PAT took out rallies and demonstrations in over 200 cities of the country for Qisas but no one was ever moved. He said had there been real democracy in the country, the protest of the people would have been taken note of and their demands would have been accepted. He bemoaned the fact that suo moto notices were taken on petty issues but the merciless killing of innocent people was neglected. He said that it is with this in view that we are left with no option but to take recourse to the international institutions of justice.

Dr Hassan Mohi-ud-Din Qadri said that the concept of revolution advocated by Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri is characterized by upholding of justice in every walk of life. He said that the Qisas in the Model Town tragedy would open the stalled doors of justice on the poor and exploitation of every kind will come to an end. He said that the PAT Chairman has rightly pointed out that a PM who is accused in the killings of people at home, with what face will he plead the case of the oppressed Kashmiris at the UN? He said that the PAT Chairman has gone abroad for justice for the Model Town martyrs, adding that consultations are underway with the lawyers there and as soon as developments occur, we will continue to take nation into confidence.

Dr Hassan congratulated the workers and office bearers of PAT on successfully concluding the first phase of Qisas and Solidarity Movement from August 6 to September 3. He appreciated their love for peace and organization. He said that the PAT workers are role models for other political parties. He said that we are proud of patriotism and commitment of our workers.