Speakers at PAT workshop praise courageous role of media

Addressing a media workshop of the final-year students of COSIS, journalist Nadeem Chaudhry said that the national media is playing its responsibility pretty well despite the difficult circumstances. They are protecting people’s right to free expression, fundamental rights and national security by risking their rights. He said that the need of educated youth in the field of journalism is far greater today than it was before. He said that journalism is the best area so far as dignified jobs, and social respect are concerned.

PAT Secretary Information Noorullah Saddiqi, Sajid Bhatti, Kokab Saami, Ghulam Murtaza Alvi, Prof Sabir Hussain, Dr Qamar Baghdadi, and Allama Mahmood Masood also addressed the ceremony.

Ajmal Jami, while speaking on the occasion, said that there is a need to initiate a culture of dialogue to rid Pakistan of extremism, and sectarianism. He said that ‘nascent’ media has founded the culture of such a dialogue but added that the culture is on the move both from positive and negative points of view. He said that with the passage of time, our media will become mature and the nation and institutions will benefit from the modern means of communication.

Ajmal Jami said that it is a matter of great pleasure that Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri believes in dialogue and there are sections of people who subscribe to his thought not only in Pakistan but also abroad. He said that research is distinguishing feature of MQI. He said that it goes to the credit of Dr Qadri that he gave a powerful counter-terrorism narrative in the form of Fatwa on terrorism and extremism. He said that journalism is the best profession for those who are confident and truly educated.

Speaking on the occasion, Noorullah Saddiqi said that journalism and journalists have been inevitable in every age. He said that there is no denying the constructive or destructive role of media in building a society. He said that journalists rendered excellent services in developing democracy that has evolved under the shadow of dictatorships. He said that the media gave voice to the masses, a responsibility which other institutions such as Parliament should have played. He said that media is facing the wrath of the rulers for exposing their inadequacies. He said that the way media has supported the masses, the latter will also stand by the former.

Kokab Sami asked the youth in his talk to focus their attention on learning technical skills and developing expertise. He said that the imparting of free journalism courses to the graduate students of Minhaj University has been planned.

Secretary Coordination PAT Sajid Mahmood Bhatti said that the power of media in shaping narratives is admitted. He said whether it is Panama gate, Cyril leak or corruption scandal, media has played its role courageously. He said had media not covered the Model Town tragedy, the rulers would have put the entire PAT leadership in the jail by holding them responsible for the tragedy. He said that media is the only source of support to the masses after Allah Almighty.