Interfaith harmony need of hour: Sohail Ahmad Raza

A ceremony was arranged on the occasion of World Interfaith Week at Saint Thomas Church Lahore under the banner of Interfaith Council and MQI Interfaith Relations, which was attended by the leaders of all faiths. Samuel Nawab, Pastor Joseph, Sikh leader Sardar Veer Janam Singh, Sardar Haryal Singh, Hindu leader Pundit Raam Laal, Pundit Amer Nath Randhawa, Allama Saif Khalid and Sohail Raza were present on the occasion.

Addressing the ceremony, Sohail Ahmad Raza said that the World Interfaith Week is celebrated the world over under the auspicious of the United Nations on the special request of the King of Jordan. He said that the objective behind celebrating the Week is to promote the feelings of love, peace and empathy, tolerance and moderation among the followers of different religions. He said that in view of the events taking place at the international level, it is important we take proactive steps to promote better working relationship and a culture of dialogue among various religions and civilizations. He said that all faiths and religions in Pakistan are united on the agenda of peace and national progress.

Revernd Pastor Samuel, Pundit Amer Nath Randhawa, and Sardar Veer Singh Janam also spoke on the occasion and said that Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri is respectable to followers of all religions. He said that he is promoting tolerance among all faiths and has always upheld the banner of rights of religious minorities. All the participants made a human chain to express solidarity with each other. Peace candles were lit on the occasion.