Industrialist talking about revolution is ironic: Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri

Addressing an Advisory Council meeting of PAT, Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri has said that it is ridiculous that a born industrialist is talking about a revolution in a container. He said that he who is talking about changing the system is promoter, founder, engineer and builder of the system of patronage and rent-seeking. He said that he and his accomplices fostered and promoted this system for 35 years, reaped dividends from it and even killed innocent people in Model Town and D-Chowk Islamabad in order to protect the same system. He said that it appears that a file of different speeches has come into their hands.

The PAT Chairman said that the kind of criticism that even opposition parties do not indulge in, they are spewing venom against the national institutions while being in the government. He said that it is the responsibility of the party to get their disgraced leader treated. He said that he used to get into anger when he would see the prefix of former with their name, now he has gotten out of himself after the humiliation of disqualification.

Dr Qadri said that not admitting the verdict handed down by the SC and instigating the people to rise up is an open rebellion. He said that the ousted PM is asking on road as to what is his crime for which he has been shown the door. He asked in the same breath as to what was the crime of innocent people in Model Town who were killed in broad day light for no fault, adding that the relatives of the martyrs have the same question as to what was their crime. He said that not only were innocent people bathed in blood but their FIR was not allowed to be registered at the same time.

The PAT Chairman said that their revolution is that they crush a poor child under their cars, do not stop to take him to hospital and then have the gall to describe him as political martyr. He said that newborn ‘revolutionary’ did not even attend the funeral prayer for the victim child. He said that it was the SC that exposed the half of Nawaz Sharif through its verdict and he exposed himself wholly and fully on the GT Road, adding that a cruel dictator that was hidden in his personality has come out in the open. He further said that Nawaz Sharif has named himself as democracy, government, opposition, and development and he believes that everything is linked to him and if he goes, the whole edifice will come crashing down.

Dr Qadri said that the family members of the martyrs and the injured of Model Town will gather on The Mall on Aug 16 and make a collective demand for publication of Justice Najfi Commission report. He said that we are peaceful people and will make a plea for justice for the martyrs through peaceful and legal means.