All political parties united on justice in Model Town case: Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri

PAT leader Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri has said that all political parties are united on the human tragedy as symbolized by Model Town massacre and continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with the bereaved families. He said that none of rulers’ revenge agenda and conspiratorial propaganda can impede the struggle for justice in the form of Qisas. He said that legal, political and public circles have vehemently rejected the self-styled interpretations that the rulers put on Justice Najafi Commission report in an effort to twist facts. He said that Lawyers’ Convention to be held on December 14 is very important which will be attended by representative of legal fraternity from across the country. He said that we have formulated the legal strategy for justice. He said that the narrative of the Shahbaz government has been rejected in the court of law and they are left with no option but to tender resignations.

PAT Chairman said this while talking to the party leaders and senior lawyers at his residence yesterday. He said that the conversations he has had with the leaders of different political parties who have met him in recent days have been focused on the single point agenda of Model Town tragedy. He said that the political forces of the country have extended him complete support and cooperation in this regard. He said that Justice Baqar Najafi has unmasked the role played by Punjab Chief Minister and Law Minister in his report. He said that the government did not let any opportunity go to weaken the Tribunal by giving it very limited mandate of inquiry, adding that despite this, the facts were so glaring that the identity of the perpetrators has been established beyond any shadow of doubt.

Dr Qadri said that the report is so categorical that it has unnerved the ruling elite to such an extent that they have not had the courage to refute the facts of the report. He said that let a Panama-like JIT be constituted to investigate the Model Town massacre and Nawaz Sharif who has been trumpeting the mantra of why he was expelled from office will also be booked. He said that it was on the approval of Nawaz Sharif, IGP Mushtaq Sukhera, a federal government officer, was brought from Quetta to Lahore to preside over the operation.

The PAT Chairman said that time has come to take the legal battle to its conclusion in the light of facts revealed by Najafi Commission report. He said that the police officers who are involved in Model Town tragedy and appearing in the anti-terrorism court have time to spill the beans and tell the nation about the facts of the case. Otherwise they will be made scapegoat. He said that the rulers resorted to propaganda earlier as well and despite their best efforts, they could not buy the conscience of the families of martyrs, stating that they will fail in their designs this time round as well.