Police acted only after state institutions demanded justice for Zainab: PAT Chairman

PAT Chairman Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri has said that it was media followed by the people, judiciary, and army chief that stood up to demand justice for the slain Zainab. He said that the Shahbaz government and the police were the last one to get into action. He said had the police woken up when the first girl was killed in Kasur, the honour and lives of 11 other girls could be saved. He said that this horrible incident proves that the system is not functional. He said that it is only when media, chief justice and the army chief take notice that justice will be served.

Responding to the news of arrest of the culprit responsible for the murder of seven year old Zainab, Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri said that the perpetrators of Model Town tragedy have not been brought to book because it is the media and the families of the martyrs are raising a voice for justice. He said that the day other institutions also stand up and raise a collective voice, the killers will be in the dock.

Dr Qadri demanded that strict punishment should be awarded to Zainab’s killer and that the violators of every Zainab across the country should be brought to justice. He said that the killers of Tanzila Amjad and Shazia Murtaza Shaheed should also be apprehended. He said that there is no need of any polygraphic or DNA tests for the arrest of their killers. He said that all know the identity of those who killed the defencless people in Model town on that unfortunate day. He said that the credit for arrest of Zainab’s killer goes to her family who identified him and handed him over to police. He said that the police had given Imran Ali a clean chit and released him accordingly. He said that if the heirs of Zainab not hinted, the police would have carried on with the investigation for months and years on end without reaching any definitive conclusion with the only result that the case would have been shelved. He said that the horrific incident that took place with five-year-old girl of Lahore is a case in point in this regard.

The PAT leader said that he has stated it many times that the government or any of its subordinate institution has no workable plan or mechanism to protect the life, honour and property of the people. He said that the civilian institutions have miserably failed in discharging their fundamental duty. He said that the people do not figure in their priorities as well, adding that it is the protection of life and interests of the ruling elite that is more important to them than their core duty towards the masses. He said that it is not the reforms but the complete overhaul of the institutions that can breathe new life into them. He said that the oppressed will only be able to get justice when the institutions of the state will stand by them and demand justice accordingly. He said that it has been years since we have been demanding justice through legal means but the same has not been provided so far. He wondered as to what the institutions are waiting for to deliver justice to the martyrs of Model town tragedy.