National Youth Alliance established to fight extremism, corruption

PAT Youth Wing President, Mazhar Mahmood Alvi has said that the youth organizations will have get together on one platform and wage a joint struggle to fight terrorism, extremism, injustice, and corruption. He said that the youth wing of every political and religious party, maintaining its individual and party identity, will wage a joint struggle from the platform of National Youth Alliance for resolution of the problems facing the youth. He said that national stability and solidarity is our shared mission. He said that a central core committee consisting of 15 youth and student organizations has been set up after thorough consultations. He said that the inaugural meeting of the core committee will be held on Feb 14, 2018 at the PAT central secretariat and PAT Youth Wing will host the meeting. Chaudhry Ali Raza Natt will be the convener of the Youth Alliance. The president, secretary general and other office holders of the Alliance will be elected in the meeting on Feb 14.

These views were expressed by Mazhar Mahmood Alvi while addressing a meeting of the National Youth Alliance here at the party secretariat. The meeting was attended by PAT Youth Wing Secretary General Masnoor Qasim Awan, Rana Sultan of People’s Youth Organization, Musa Khokhar of PSF, Kamran Saeed Usmani of Jamhoori Wattan Party, Awais Jamil Gujjar of ISF, Mirza Nauman of Insaf Youth Organization and the representatives of various religious and political parties. Chaudhry Ali Raza Natt, Convener of National Youth Alliance, was also present on the occasion.

Mazhar Mahmood Alvi said that we are gathering the youth on one platform for protection of the rights of the youth and their active political role. He said that practical struggle will be undertaken for promotion of the youth leadership, and safeguarding the students from extremism and moral waywardness.

Speaking on the occasion, Chaudhry Ali Raza Natt said that it is by imparting practical moral training and character building of the youth that the society can be made prosperous. He said that the youth have a central role to play in the success of any movement and organization and their involvement in the national life is hugely required. He said that only courageous and talented youth can convert the hopelessness into optimism.

Chaudhry Ali Raza Natt said that important decisions will be made in the meeting to be held on Feb 14, adding that this meeting will be attended by the youth wings of all the political and religious parties of the country. He said that time has come that we get rid of culture of lip-service and take practical steps for the welfare of the youth. He said that seminars, workshops and walks will also be held with a view to providing career counselling services to the youth so that they do not fall prey to extremism and despair. He said that 20-member national youth council will also be set up to implement the agenda of National Youth Alliance.