Model Town a test case for justice system: Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri

PAT Chairman Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri has said that if the affidavits of Punjab Chief Minister and Law Minister Rana Sanaullah are not with the Punjab government, where have they gone then? He said that fair trial and due process is the right of every citizen under the Constitution. He said that the Sharifs are habitual in making fun of law and courts and refusal to hand over documents is a violation of Article 10-A and 19-A. He asked how we will get justice as long as the group that refused to give us the documents stays in power.

Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri stated this while talking to the PAT lawyers the other day. The legal team briefed him on the progress of the Mode Town case. The future legal strategy also came under discussion in the meeting. He said that the secret as to where the documents annexed with the Najafi Commission report and the JIT report which the government set up itself disappeared, should be made public now. He condemned the Punjab government on its stance in the Lahore High Court and asked that those who are not ready to give us the documents which is our legal right should not be expected to deliver justice. He said that their every effort is to delay and deny justice to the victims of Model Town.

The PAT Chairman said that outright refusal by the Shahbaz government to hand over the documents and JIT report is shameful and criminal to say the least. He said that the way we spent last four years in pursuit of justice is only known to us. He said that none knows this attitude of the ruling elite better than the honorable judges. He said that a number of cases against them involving contempt of court are being heard in the courts of law at the moment.

Dr Qadri said that Model Town killings is the only case of the national history whose witness are 200 million Pakistanis who saw the police action live on their TV screens. He said that despite passage of four years, none of the main accused was arrested. He said that those who had gone behind the veil after the tragedy have come out in the open now and are occupying even better positions than before. He demanded that all those police and civil officers and officials who took part in the Model Town tragedy should be suspended from service. He further said that DIG Rana Abdul Jabbar should be arrested and made to appear before the anti-terrorism court. He further appealed to the SC to order the constitution of an impartial JIT to probe the Model Town massacre afresh so that the real characters involved in the tragedy are identified. He further said that Model Town tragedy is an acid test for the institutions of justice. He said that is the only case where the proofs of involvement of the rulers are categorical and certain.