Sohail Raza meets Archbishop Joseph Coutts, congratulates him on his appointment as Cardinal

Sohail Ahmad Raza, Director of Interfaith Relations of MQI, met with Archbishop Joseph Coutts of St. Patrick’s Cathedral Church Karachi and congratulated him on his appointed as Cardinal by Pope Francis.

Speaking on the occasion, Sohail Raza said that the appointment of Archbishop Joseph Coutts as the Cardinal by the Pope is not just a matter of pride for the members of Christian community but also Pakistan. He said that Joseph Coutts is a patriotic Christian leader who is waging a struggle for promotion of education, peace and interfaith dialogue for a very long time, adding that his services are valuable on every count. ‘We, on behalf of Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri and Interfaith Relations, congratulate him on his appointment to such an important position,’ he said.

Sohail Ahmad Raza said that there are 125 Cardinals in the world out of which one Pope will be selected. He said that there is a need of constant struggle to improve interfaith relations by highlighting our shared values and traditions. He said that the civilized nations and the followers of great faith will have to be united on the agenda of human progress, peace and tolerance. He said that terrorism and extremism are our shared challenges which demand shared thought and action to defeat them in an effort to make the world a hub of peace and tranquility.

Both leaders prayed for peace and love in the country and agreed that Pakistan belongs to all and all of us should struggle hand in hand to make it better.