Killers talking about Sahiwal tragedy is an insult to humanity: Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri

PAT Chairman Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri has said that the killers of Model Town tell lies and ridicule law and humanity every day on the floor of the National Assembly. He said that if the Model Town-like incidents had taken place in other countries, instead of sitting in the sacred institutions, they would have been hanged publicly. He said that the killers of Model Town want to hide their crimes in the garb of the Sahiwal tragedy. He said that the Sahiwal incident is very heart-wrenching wherein the world of the children and the family was wreaked. He said that we have suffered the state terrorism and know the pain of the bereaved family. He demanded that those who indulged in the killing of innocent family should be meted out exemplary punishment and the law must take its own course.

Talking to the party leaders yesterday, Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri said that those shedding crocodile tears now did not even let the FIR of Model Town tragedy be registered. Rather FIRs were registered against the PAT and MQI workers. He said that the key operatives in the tragedy namely IG Police were appointed as an advisor whereas Dr Touqir Shah was posted abroad as Ambassador WTO. All other accused were also promoted. He said that the Sharif brothers conceived the idea of Model Town carnage, stating that the police was merely an instrument through which this idea was implemented.

Dr Qadri said that the context of Sahiwal tragedy is totally different from that of Model Town. It was not planned by the people in official positions. He said that the former Chief Minister did not allow the forensic survey of the crime scene, and got fake FIR registered against the witnesses of the tragedy so that none of them could offer any evidence. He said that the government and political machinery used all tactics in the book to intimidate the witnesses and when they failed, they tried to buy their conscience.

The PAT Chairman reminded that the former Chief Minister stated in his press conference held in the evening of June 17 that if the Judicial Commission even hinted at his role, he would not waste even a second to resign from his position. He said that what to speak of a hint, the one-man commission pinned the whole responsibility of the massacre on the Chief Minister but instead of walking the talk, he ordered the report to be hushed, which could only be retrieved after an arduous legal struggle.

He said that all top-ranking police officials including IG and DIG were summoned by the anti-terrorism court but the Shahbaz government gave them complete protection. They were given promotions and other benefits including postings of their choice. He said that he who introduced the culture of police encounter and presided over the Model Town tragedy has the gall to talk about the oppressed, which is tantamount to insulting the humanity. He said that the current system has been designed in a manner to provide protection to the killers and looters.