Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri condemns the terrorist incident in North Waziristan

PAT leader Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri has expressed his deep sense of grief and sorrow on the martyrdom of the Pakistan army officers in North Waziristan. Condemning the incident of terrorism in the strongest possible words, he said that the terrorists continue to carry out their nefarious actions in an organized manner because they have facilitators at the local level. He said that no incident of terrorism, big or small, can happen without the facilitation available to the terrorists. He said that the Pakistan army has rendered exemplary services for the establishment of peace in the world under the banner of the UN and it is also world body's responsibility to expose all those elements that are targeting it directly or indirectly. He said that one objective of targeting the Pakistan army is to sabotage peace and stability in the region. He said that since the military courts have been wound up and no extension was granted, the terrorist activities have increased in the country. He said that Pakistan is in a state of war, which necessitates that the country will have to take urgent measures to eliminate terrorism.