Minhaj University Lahore holds seminar about breast cancer

Minhaj University Lahore holds seminar about breast cancer

Behavioral Science Department of Minhaj University Lahore organized a pink ribbon seminar to promote awareness about breast cancer on the occasion of the International Day of Breast Cancer.

Addressing the ceremony, Pro Vice Chancellor, MUL, Dr Shahid Soroya said the ratio of breast cancer in Pakistan is the highest in the region. He said the government would have to take emergency steps to stop the spread of the scourge. He suggested to the government to set up special desks and blocks at Tehsil levels for early diagnosis and initial treatment. He said a combination of administrative efficiency, allocation of resources and policy focus could help address this severe health challenge.

Dr Al-Qama Khawaja, Dr Nadir Bakht, Dr Farzana Talat, Salma Naz, Memoona Kanwal, and Robina Saeed attended the seminar.

Dr Farzana Talat congratulated Dr Farzana Talat on arranging the seminar as part of an awareness campaign about breast cancer. She said the diseases become dangerous in the absence of care and proper medical care. She said different stakeholders need to be sensitized about breast cancer, stating that family should be cooperative towards the women suffering from this disease.

Ms. Salma Naz said breast cancer is very much curable. She said with proper and timely diagnosis and treatment, this disease can be defeated. She said positive attitudes play important role in raising awareness about such scourges.

Ms. Memoona Kanwal, the lecturer of Pakistan Studies, cut the cake having a pink ribbon monogram along with heads of departments and other guests.