Minhaj University Lahore: Online Mid-term papers to start from June 8

Minhaj University Lahore (MUL) is the first university in the private sector that has provided the facility of online classes to 95% of its students during the Corona pandemic. The teaching process continued interactively and consequently, the midterm examination is going to take place from June 8 at the level of the university for the first time in Pakistan. All the arrangements in this regard have been made. The rules and regulations and transparency have been taken into view in the process of the preparation of the papers. The midterm exams will continue until June 17 and the online semester will be completed by the 17th of August.

Minhaj University Lahore is also going to launch online admissions. Deputy Chairman, BoG, of MUL Dr Hussain Mohi-ud-Din Qadri congratulation the faculty members and heads of all Departments on the successful experimentation of online classes in Pakistan. He said that all departments and faculties not only saved the precious times of the students by using the modern means of technology during these difficult times but also show road a new chapter by playing their excellent role as teachers.

Vice-chancellor of Minaj University Lahore Dr Sajid Mahmood Shahzad also congratulated all the professors, lecturers, heads of the Departments, and particularly Directorate of Academics, IT Department and Administration on the successful conduct of online classes. He said that the successful launch of the online classes and the conduct of examination is unique honour of Minhaj University, adding that this is the first university in the private sector that has achieved this feat.