Message of Dr Javed Ahmad Ghamidi on 40th foundation day of MQI

It is a matter of great happiness that Minhaj-ul-Quran International has completed 40 years of its life. Such institutions are national assets. This institution, MQI, is dedicated to the promotion of education and research. I have closely seen the institution evolve and make progress over the decades. The Holy Quran has described 40 years as the age of maturity and this institution has hit its 40th foundation-day.

MQI has established its network of Islamic and cultural centres worldwide that are busy promoting the values of tolerance, peace, and moderation. It has operated over and above the sectarian affiliations. If one happens to visit the Islamic Centres set by MQI and meet the people there, one is overwhelmed by their love, care, and feelings of courtesy.

There is a Minhaj-ul-Quran mosque near my own house and I generally go to this mosque to offer Friday prayer. I have seen that people there show grace, love, and respect towards others. They are not involved in any kind of sectarianism. I consider it to be a great success of Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri.

Given the spread of different sects in our country, it is not an easy thing to impart the teaching of moderation and tolerance, and educate people along these lines by teaching them to love and forge unity in their ranks. The important thing is that when Dr Qadri entered politics, he tried his level best to keep MQI separate from his politics. Now that MQI has been transformed into an institution of its own kind, we should all express our thanks to him and pray that this institution builds on the great work of education that was done by different educational institutions such as Nidva, and Dar-ul-Uloom. When these institutions were founded, they did possess a deep influence of some personality but with the passage of time, they grow into national institutions. I pray the same for MQI.