Minhaj Halal Pakistan & COSIS host a seminar on potential of Halal Industry

Minhaj Halal Pakistan & COSIS host a seminar on potential of Halal Industry

Minhaj Halal Pakistan and College of Shariah and Islamic Sciences arranged a seminar on the subject of Halal business. Addressing the seminar, Ghazali Akhtar, chairman of Pak-Thai Business Forum said that there isn't even a single Muslim country among the top ten that are exporting halal stuff. He said that despite being an un-Islamic country, New Zealand has given the concept of halal tourism, under which four-star hotels have been built up in Thailand where every step from check-in to check-out is compliant with Shariah rules. He said that it is regrettable that halal standards are not enforced in Pakistan.

Dr Mumtaz-ul-Hassan Barvi, Mufti Shafique Ahmad, Faraz Akhtar Malik, Muneer Hussain, Raja Tahir Latif, Sajid Al-Azhari, Rashid Hameed Kalyami, Malik Saeed Alam, Zia-ul-Mustafa Al-Azhari, Zia-ur-Rahman, Hafiz Sajid Mahmood, and Bilal Sabir also addressed the seminar.

Speaking on the occasion, Mufti Shafique said that there are many areas such as jewelry, artificial food, cosmetics in which halal business is being conducted. Raja Tahir Latif said that halal industry is getting promoted in the world and the un-Islamic countries remain at the forefront of it. He said there is a need to focus on halal industry.

Raja Tahir Latif said that Minhaj Halal Pakistan and Minhaj University Lahore have started an educational programme in this regard which will provide trained workforce. There is a huge untapped job market related to halal industry. He said that the scholars of Islamic Shariah will be provided quality training to enable them to play their role in upgrading the halal industry according to the international standard. He highlighted the need for research on the topics of halal cosmetics, pharma and fashion products.