Gosha-e-Durood completes 17 years of its establishment

Monthly Spiritual Gathering of Gosha e Durood

Gosha-e-Durood, which was established at the MQI secretariat, has completed 17 years. Greetings and salutations offered in the court of the beloved Prophet (SAW) have exceeded the number of 5 trillion, 41 billion and 700 million.

Addressing a spiritual gathering held to celebrate the momentous achievement, Allama Sajid Mahmood Al-Azhari said that Allah Almighty likes those who express their gratitude to Him for the blessings Allah has showered. He said that Allah Almighty has mentioned this at many places in the Holy Quran that He tests His chosen and favoured people, adding that those who pass this test and demonstrate gratitude and patience get rewarded.

Allama Sajid Mahmood Al-Azhari referred to Hadith wherein the Holy Prophet (SAW) said that a believer is the one from whose hands and tongue others around him remain safe. He said that as Muslims, we should stay away from fraud, backbiting and cheating others. He said that gratitude, morality and good deeds are essential components of worship. He said that forbearance and patience open up new vistas of human behaviour and make societies hubs for peace, tranquillity and tolerance. He said that given the challenges, our society is in need of these values more than ever before.

The proceedings of the spiritual gathering got underway with the recitation of the Holy Quran by Qari Naseer Afzal Al-Azhari, whereas Prof Arshad Ali Mian Sabri, Hafiz Muhammad Arshad Naqashbandi, Muhammad Umair Azhar, Allama Sabir Kamal Wattoo, Mohi-ud-Din Qadri Brothers, Ashiq Hussain and others recited Naat in their melodious voices.

In addition to a large number of people, those present in the ceremony included Khurram Nawaz Gandapur, Raja Zahid Mahmood, Jawwad Hamid, Raheem Ali Razzaq, Rana Nafees Hussain Qadri, Umme Habiba Ismail, and the office-bearers of the various forums of MQI.