Dr Qadri declares current rulers worse than Hitler, Mussolini

ISLAMABAD: Dr Tahir ul Qadri has said that the current rulers are worse than Hitler and Mussolini, the constitution is ruined and there is no democracy, while the ones having fake mandate are crying to safeguard democracy in state, ARY News reported.

Addressing his workers and supporters here on Thursday, Dr Tahir ul Qadri said the government is using cheap tactics against us, while our 25000 workers are still missing. He said that atrocities of the rulers have reached their peak and warned them not to try the patience of the people anymore.

Describing the evils of the system, the PAT chief said no audit of a member takes place in the parliament, rulers acquire billions of loans from the banks and never pay back, several crore rupees are issued to fake representatives in the name of funds, all of which is usurped by corruption.

He said, “It is being 35 year that I have been living in a kanal’s house, while the ones alleging me of money-laundering could not prove it despite being in power”.

Qadri said the rulers know their looting will come to an end, once a revolution came in the country.

He said that terrorists and burglars are ruling the state and the martyrs of Model Town cannot be served justice in their presence, so they will have to return to homes.

Dr Tahir ul Qadri vowed not to step back in any case and alleged that rulers have planned to wage an attack on his residence.

He said that those supporting PM Nawaz are actually his partners in corruption and they will be held accountable.

Moreover, the PAT chief said the ones with fake mandate are beating the drum of fake democracy, while they are silent at the suspension of the constitution and the law.

Source: http://arynews.tv/en/dr-qadri-declares-current-rulers-worse-than-hitler-mussolini

Source : http://arynews.tv/en/dr-qadri-declares-current-rulers-worse-than-hitler-mussolini/