BRecorder: Rate of crimes in Punjab jumps to 110 percent, claims Qadri

Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) chief Dr Tahirul Qadri on Thursday said that government of Punjab has spent Rs 529 billion on law and order during last six years, but rate of various crimes has rapidly gone up to 110 per cent in the province. Addressing his followers at the sit-in that is continuing for the last 45 days at D-Chowk, he said: "The present system and parliament has failed to protect life and property of citizens and provide basic rights to people, therefore, it needs to be changed".

PAT chief said that Article 9 of the Constitution guarantees safety to life and property of every citizen, but the PML-N only allocated budget for maintaining law and order and did nothing for the protection of life and property of the people. He alleged that the present government was using police force and misusing public money for its personal gains. Quoting a report, Qadri said that during the last seven month 0.2 million cases of various crimes have been registered in Punjab and due to this reasons people have stood up to bring revolution in the country.

He also alleged that the current parliament and parliamentarians only protect corrupt and criminal elements and they do not raise issues being faced by general public and, as such, the system should be changed. "Only relatives of present rulers could become members of parliament and National Assembly", Qadri added. He maintained that 85-year-old people were appointed as caretaker prime minister and chief election commissioner, so that they could be easily influenced. Dr Qadri said that public has rejected the present rulers and Inqilab (revolution) will soon spread across the country. He asked participates of the sit-in to submit their record, saying that their efforts and sacrifices for the revolution would always be remembered.

He said: "Whenever I or my family will travel, we will stay only at the homes of the participants of the Inqilab march and directed his party leaders not to make arrangements for his stay anywhere else". Qadri also asked the PAT officials to take care of these people and warned of throwing all those out of his movement, who were found negligent in serving participants of the Inqilab march. PAT chief said that majority of the goals of the Inqilab march have been achieved and today revolution has become the voice of every heart, other than few privileged families. "Inqilab march participants have awakened the nation. A revolution has taken place and its credit goes to the participants of the sit-in", he added.


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