The Nation: People’s struggle soon to become a success story: Qadri

ISLAMABAD- Pakistan Awami Tehreek chief Dr. Tahirul Qadri said struggle of people against the government would soon be translated into a success story.

Addressing his supporters at D-Chowk, the PAT chief said Punjab was facing debt of Rs 452 billion that accumulated in last seven years. This province has never been in debt in its entire history, added Dr. Qadri.

He castigated the rulers for pushing masses under a pile of debt. The leaders are carrying begging bowl, in contrary to their pledges to do away with practice of seeking loan when taking to power, Dr. Qadri said.

In democracy, he said, under-privileged segment can question the privileged, but in “Pakistan no such democratic practices prevail”. We want end to this autocratic rule, said the PAT chief. He claimed the entire national wealth was being spent on private businesses of rulers.

He accused the Sharif family of running poultry business across Punjab and trampling upon rights of poor traders, who were now backing out of their business due to frequent losses as Sharif family was ruling all over.


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