People of Pakistan actual sponsors of Revolution: Khurram Nawaz Gandapur

Tahir-ul-Qadri is known and trusted all over the world

ISLAMABAD: Central Secretary General Pakistan Awami Tehreek Khurram Nawaz Gandapur has said that the people of Pakistan are the actual sponsors of the Revolution of Dr Tahir ul Qadri. He said that now it has been proven that no one can stop the people of Pakistan from writing their own destination, especially after the massive rally held in Faisalabad.

The PAT leader said that the Punjab government has accepted the responsibility of creating law and order situation in the application that it has filed with the Election Commission of Pakistan in relation to the by-election in NA-149. He said after this acceptance the government should resign. He said the government does not have the courage to face the people. He said those who are now trying to run away from the by-election will be seen running away in the next general elections which are not far away.

Talking to reporters here on Monday Gandapur said our leader asked the public for support in the open and that too before millions of people in Faisalabad. He said our revolution in purely ‘made in Pakistan’ and the educated people of the country are behind this revolution. He said the government has deputed all its intelligence agencies on the surveillance of Dr. Tahirul Qadri and if there were any flaws they would have come forward by now, but our leader is a clean and fair person and no flaws in his character or any sort of weakness have been found by the intel agencies which is a solid proof of his sincerity towards the country and its people.

Gandapur said that the life of Dr. Qadri is an open book and anyone can come and meet and talk to him any time, his doors are open for everyone, all the time. He said that is the reason that Dr. Qadri is known and trusted all over the world and people are ready to sacrifice anything for him. He said the way the allegations of bulldozing the parliament and democratic system on Dr. Qadri have died in the same way the remaining allegations and those who blame him will also meet the same fate.

The PAT leader said that the PAT will create an exemplary system of administration and due weight will be given to the suggestions of the workers and everyone will have the power to meet and contact the leadership whenever they wish. He said we have started work on war-footing in this regard. He said PAT is not a traditional political party but our priorities are different and we are working to create awareness among the people and will delegate power to the workers.

He said the ‘made in Pakistan’ and ‘made for Pakistan’ slogans given by Dr. Qadri in Faisalabad are food for thought for the entire nation. He said these slogans are hidden prosperity of the people of Pakistan and respect has to be restored of our country in the world. He said further details of the reforms agenda will be spent out by Dr. Qadri when he addresses a rally in Lahore.