RTT News : Islamic Scholar To Issue "Fatwa" Against Terrorism

3/2/2010 6:30 AM

A much respected Islamic scholar is to issue a "Fatwa" (edict) Tuesday against terrorism and suicide bombings carried out in the name of Islam.

Pakistan-born Tahir ul-Qadri, an authority on "Shariat law" (Islamic jurisprudence), will pronounce the ruling condemning the violence at a news conference in Westminster, central London.

Comprising 600 pages, this is a strong theological refutation of Islamist terrorism. Qadri who uses texts from the holy Koran to buttress his claims said the orgy of violence was "absolutely against the teachings of Islam" and that "Islam does not permit such acts on any excuse, reason or pretext."

He has argued that the perpetrators of suicide attacks were destined for hell, which directly contradicted "Jihad" (Holy War) supporters' claim that suicide bombers would be rewarded in afterlife.

Qadri who stated that suicide bombings and terrorism had become a convenient guise for criminals, mischief-mongers and rioters was scathing in his attack.

Source : http://www.rttnews.com/Content/GeneralNews.aspx?Node=B1&Id=1226922