By Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri

Media Briefing: Comprehensive fatwa against extremism and terrorism breaks new ground

This new fatwa from the renowned authority of Islamic world, Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri, a spiritual leader of the overwhelming majority of Muslims deals a devastating blow to al-Qaeda and its affiliates by removing decisively any remnant of theological justifications for terrorism. No longer can the Taleban and similar organisations employ Muslim scripture with impunity to advance the onslaught of civilians, be they non-Muslim or Muslim.

Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri is a globally recognised authority on the law and spirit of Islam. Drawing on his deep, erudite insight into the life and teachings of the blessed Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) and fourteen centuries of Islamic scholarship, Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Tahir ul Qadri’s 600-page, detailed fatwa demolishes the theological arguments advanced by terrorists in prisons, on websites, videos and their literature.

Terrorist acts expel a Muslim from Islam

While most Muslim scholars denounce terrorism, Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri goes that crucial step forward and announces categorically that suicide bombings and attacks against civilian targets are not only condemned by Islam, but render the perpetrators totally out of the fold of Islam, to become unbelievers in the divine, pristine message of Islam. This empowering, unprecedented fatwa strengthens troops and civil society bodies that are engaged in counter terrorism operations, and expels terrorists from within Islam.

Hell, not heaven

Terrorists commit acts of self and mass murder with the firm conviction that they will be rewarded by God; that they are heaven bound. For the first time in contemporary Muslim discourse, this fatwa convincingly advances scriptural evidence to demonstrate that the perpetrators of suicide bombings are destined for hell, not heaven. This bold Islamic view, amplified properly, will inject doubt into the minds of aspiring suicide bombers and thereby prevent them from this heinous crime.

No terrorism, even in war time

Modern terrorists justify their indiscriminate killings by claiming that Islamic scripture allows such campaigns in war. This fatwa opens new ground by citing Islamic sources which prohibit killing of women, children, elders, religious leaders, business people, non-combatants and even service personnel not engaged in aggression. Contrary to the mindset of the perpetrators of the 11th of September 2001 attacks in New York or the 7th July 2005 tube bombs in London, damaging enemy property or avenging a wrong done by another is strictly prohibited by sound Islamic scholarship.

Al-Qaeda, old evil with a new name

The Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) warned his followers about the dangers of extremism and terrorism. This fatwa collects evidence from early Islamic history about a group of violent renegades known as the Khawarij, the terrorist movement, emerged in the name of Islamic rule, universally accepted as being outside the fold of Islam by virtue of their extreme beliefs, violent acts, terrorism and constantly labelling other Muslims as disbelievers. Al-Qaeda and its affiliates not only share these character traits, but share a theological and political outlook that is almost identical. This fatwa enlists classical sources to illustrate that the vast majority of Muslim scholars, past and present, consider the Khawarij, the founders of terrorism, to be totally un-Islamic. The terrorists are the Khawarij of our time, based on direct evidence from the Qur’an and Sunnah.

Terrorists distort the concept of Jihad

Terrorists justify their actions of human destruction and mass killings in the name of Jihad (holy struggle against evil) and thus distort, twist and confuse the entire Islamic concept of Jihad.

There are people who invoke the name of Islam to justify the killing of people, children, and women everywhere. It is a pity that such barbaric people still refer to their activities as Jihad whereas Jihad aims at eradicating ignorance, corruption, violence, militancy and terrorism and it establishes peace, tranquillity in the inner-self of human beings and in the society.

How the states should deal with terrorists

A state cannot be allowed to give the Khawarij any concession in the name of dialogue or stop military action without their complete elimination according to the explicit instructions of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him). The only exception as to when they can be spared is that they lay down their arms, repent of their actions and vow to honour the state laws and the state.

Keeping hostages or murdering foreign delegates

It can in no way be permissible to keep foreign delegates under unlawful custody and murder them or committing mass killings and destruction on the pretext of retaliation for the interference, unjust activities and aggressive advances of their countries.

Today’s tragedy is that terrorists, murderers, mischief-mongers and rioters try to prove their criminal, rebellious, tyrannous, brutal activities as a right and a justified reaction to foreign aggression under the garb of the defence of Islam and national interests.

Forbidden acts can never be justified by so-called ‘good intention’

An evil act remains evil in all its forms and content; whatever we may interpret as injustice, this principle remains the same. Therefore, no forbidden action can ever become a virtuous and lawful deed due to goodness of intention.

Using rhetoric and claim good intention to spread disorder

Many people will make conversation, appearing pleasant in the arena of superficial arguments. They will swear on their good intentions, and declare Allah witness to their noble objectives and pious aims. Despite their assertions and testimonial claims, however, Allah has declared them miscreants and evil-mongers to face the torment of Hell.

Terrorism, carnage and mass destruction can never be justified in the name of any intention of enforcing Islamic commands and its judicial system. Nor can these reprehensible activities be any exception to the rule, or be overlooked, or forgiven.

A new vision

Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri does not shy away from the need for political and democratic renewal of Muslim-majority countries. This, however, must not result in violence, mayhem and rebellion. Opposing the Khawarij, today’s terrorists, is an Islamic duty and will earn divine recompense for this noble work. The fatwa ends with a call for reflection and reformation of contemporary Muslim affairs.

Source : http://www.fatwaonterrorism.com/