The “Be Halal” exhibition took place in Glasgow Central Mosque on Sunday the 10th of October and was organized by the Oceanic Consulting organization - Scotland. The Gathering was attended by many different organizations including the Muslim Youth League (sisters). Sister Taiyyba Tabbasum and Humaira Shabir, who were in charge of the MYL stall, not only promoted MYL but also focused on the different projects of the Minhaj Welfare Foundation. Other organizations such as Islamic Relief, the Halal Monitoring Committee and Friends of Al Aqsa and many others were also present and donated money to the Minhaj Welfare Foundation for the Pakistan flood victims.

A Naat competition was in place for people of different ages. MYL brothers and sisters, Madni Ahmed Tahir, Tanveer Ahmed, Hassan Khalid, Tahir Ilyaas and Minhaj Naat Council (Glasgow – sisters) also participated. The winner of the competition was Tahir Ilyaas who was given a prize which was sponsored by the “Chocolate Posies” stall.

After the Naat competition a brother from the Halal Monitoring committee went through a slide show in which he talked about the significance of abiding by the teachings of Islam. He added that when it comes to “Halal” and “Haraam” it does not mean that you only eat halal but that you earn Halal, you dress in a proper manner, talk in a proper manner and that you treat others with respect whether they are Muslims or non-Muslims. The participants were given an opportunity to visit the stalls; this gave the MYL sisters an opportunity to introduce MYL and the Minhaj Welfare Foundation which people donated to generously. Those who came to the stall were given information packs about Minhaj-ul-Quran International.

Report: Humaira Shabir